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Monday, 12 June 2017


The Dame is offering a cruise on SS Hornet to the first reader who spots what's wrong in the pictures below.

Cllr Mason, come on, think hard! 
Just imagine the delights of a week alone with the old Dame enjoying some degenerate capitalist fun!


  1. RBKC van parked on a yellow line and wheels on pavement, if anyone else did that they would get a ticket or towed away

    1. You lucky chap...2 weeks alone with her Dameship on her yachtie

    2. Now there's a thought

  2. Great stuff from our new MP

    "In Queen’s Gate ward, just south of Kensington Palace, the home of Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, one in five homes are empty or second homes" she said.

    “I strolled from Warwick Road down Kensington High Street and I photographed all the buildings to see if the lights are on,” she said. “There is an entire block, bought by one family, and they are never there and it is completely empty. In another block, One Kensington, there are 97 super-luxury flats and there are only four that ever have lights on.

    “Planning should be about people, not about making money for developers, and we have lost the plot on that. I am going to be shouting loud and hard about that in my role.”


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